Ethiopian coffee characteristics

Ethiopian coffee characteristics
Ethiopian coffee characteristics

Ethiopian coffee is one of the unique and unusual coffees due to its large range of flavours and beans. Ethiopia is the motherland of this coffee. Arabica species is the eminent species in Ethiopian Coffee. So, it can be divided into three types: long berry, short berry, and mocha. But long berry is considered the most important due to its large size and flavour. Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Harrar, Gimbi, Limu, and Jimma, are considered the most growing areas of Ethiopian coffee.

The flavour of this coffee is delicate and sensitive that fives the sense of a jasmine flower. Each region has a different flavour and aroma due to the altitude difference and dance growth.

  • Yirgacheffe has a flavour of toasted coconut.
  • Sidamo green coffee has citrus and lemon notes.
  • Harrar coffee beans give the beans a bold and complex taste
  • Limo coffee beans give a taste of citrus.

Grown at Higher Altitude
This coffee is grown at a higher altitude. This is grown at an altitude of up to 8858 feet. So, a much higher altitude gives this coffee a very unique taste. And this altitude also gives more complex notes than the other coffees that are grown at a lower altitude.

Yirgacheffe Beans:
These beans grow on the southern side of Ethiopia. It is famous due to its flavour. They have the smell and taste of toasted coconut. They are 100 percent organic. It grows at a very high altitude. And this altitude is considered 1700 and 2200 meters above sea level.

Sidamo Coffee Beans:
Ethiopia is the hub of producing different kinds of coffee beans. But Sidamo green coffee beans are famous due to their fewer prices. But their quality is remarkable. These beans are usually grown in the south side of Ethiopia, Where the altitude of 1600 to 1900 meters they can be stored before roasting them. But once they have been roasted, you cannot store them for a longer period. It has lemon and citrus notes.

Harrar Coffee Beans:
This coffee bean is different due to its full body. It is bright and fruity. It gives a taste of floral toned acidity. It is a kind of Arabica coffee. This coffee is grown in a small form is Harrar. These coffee beans are dried in the sun. So, this dryness in the sun gives the beans a bold and complex taste. Sometimes it exhibits a bit of complex taste.

Limu Coffee Beans:
These coffee beans are prepared by undergoing wet processing. Their aroma is flowery. And it gives a taste of citrus. It is less fragrance spreading than the other regions.