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Beyaynetu Vegan Platter Mix

£12.99 per person - (up to 10 people)

Ethiopian Beyaynetu is a delicious mix of vegan portions served on a plate of injera flatbread - packed with rich flavours and traditional Ethiopian herbs and spices.

Ingredients: Red organic lentil, cabbage, carrots, beetroot, potatoes, spinach, organic chickpea with Injera flatbread made from Lovegrass Teff Flour (gluten and dairy-free)

Our Beyaynetu Vegan Platter Mix tastes amazing and is perfect for sharing.


Booking on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday only

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Ethiopian Traditional Coffee Ceremony

£4.99 per person - (Up to 10 people)

Coffee ceremony in Ethiopia is a core cultural custom, the serving of coffee is the chance for getting together with relatives, neighbours and friends to celebrate.

The Addis in Brixton ceremony experience will begin with the passing of a flat pan with smoking roasted beans shaken around the table - so coffee drinkers can appreciate the aroma of freshly roasted organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe hand roasted coffee.

When the coffee is ready the host uses a traditional pouring technique into each Ethiopian style cup and hands out the first round of pure organic hand roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee goodness - with classic popcorn.


Booking on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday only