Ethiopian Sidamo (Medium Dark Roast) 250g


Sidamo coffee has a delicious and complex flavour profile, it's more earthy than other Ethiopian coffees with a bright finish and low acidity.

Type: Sidamo Washed Grade 1
Country of Origin: Southern Ethiopia
Region/Area: Sidama
Harvest period: October - December
Min Altitude: (Meters above sea-level) 1550mm
Max Altitude: (Meters above sea-level) 1950mm
Process: Washed
Average Rainfall: 1200mm-1650mm
Miller Name: Dara Washing Station
Farmer Name: Various smallholder farmers around Dara

Ethiopian Sidamo coffee profile:
Bright acidity clean taste and Jasmine notes, stone fruit
and complexity of floral notes, light to medium body.
Cupping Score: 87.5
We work with Ethiopian farmers to conserve biodiversity and help ensure
sustainable livelihoods, land-use, business practices, and consumer behaviour